2A GLEASON "Coniflex" Straight Bevel Gear Generating Machine

2A GLEASON "Coniflex" Straight Bevel Gear Generating Machine

$98,070 89500 Euros

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2A GLEASON "Coniflex" Straight Bevel Gear Generating Machine, suitable for the cutting of straight bevel gears and pinions up to 4.5" (114mm) in diameter, 7/16" (12.5mm) face width, up to 16 DP (1.6 Module) 

Serial No. 30133 (professionally refurbished 2022)

The machine is being offered in first class operational order having been completely reviewed in the shop

of the service specialist Mr. Carlo Nembri in Milano, Italy.  The machine would be supplied in a condition ready for immediate, trouble-free service, on a multi-shift basis. 



Hydraulic double acting chucking mechanism, w/draw-in bar and nut

Self-contained hydraulic system

Self-contained coolant system

Automatic counter and stop

All machine dials, scales, calibrated in Imperial “inch”

(46) index change gears

(19) speed & feed change gears

(8) generating cams

(2) feed cams

full complement of electrics, (motors/controls)

full guards, covers

shipping bracket for work-slide

operator's manuals, parts list, wiring diagrams



Maximum pitch diameter      4.5 (114mm)

Maximum cone distance      2.25" (57mm)

Maximum face-width    .43"  (11mm)

Work head angle     0 to 90 degrees

Coarsest Diamteral Pitch (Module)     16 DP (1.59 Module)

Diameter of taper hole in work-spindle

 at large end of taper     1.496"  (38mm)

Work spindle taper (per ft.)    .5" (12.7mm)

Depth of taper     3"  (76.2mm)

Maximum distance, spindle nose

 to machine center      5"   (127mm)

Minimum distance, spindle nose

 to machine center     1.25"  (31.75mm)

Index range     10 to 120

Pressure angle     20 degrees

Cutter speed     63 to 559 Ft./Min.

Feed per second (per tooth)    .72 to 24

Main drive motor    .75 HP/1800 rpm

Overall machine length     39.5"   (1003mm)

Overall machine width     26.5"   (673mm)

Overall machine height     60"   (1524mm)

Approximate machine net weight     3,425 Lbs. (1553 kGs)

Price: On Location, Lahr, Germany ...$89500 Euros


Serial Number30133
Stock NumberLTC1310